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08th Aug2011
Screen Shot 2011-08-07 at 8.56.53 PM

Unreleased Ideas

Here are a couple quick videos of things I was working on, but never turned into something worth releasing: This was a first attempt at taking the...

08th Aug2011

JellyPhysics (library)

This is the released source code to my “JellyPhysics” soft-body physics system, as used in JellyCar. The system is designed around objects made up of closed shapes...

08th Aug2011


Also built in XNA, this is another game (like “Walaber’s Trampoline”) focused on acrobatics.  Gymnast features much simpler 2D graphics and gameplay, but incorporates a more direct...

05th Aug2011

JellyCar (Windows)

JellyCar was my first project using Microsoft’s XNA framework.  First I created a simple “soft body physics” system, mostly as a personal experiment. When it worked, I...

05th Aug2011


This is a little “Devil Sticks” simulator for Windows designed for use with 2 Wii remotes (one in each hand – also works with Wii remote +...

05th Aug2011

Walaber’s Trampoline

I spent more time on this game than any other before or since… I grew up around gymnastics, had a trampoline at home, and so it was...

05th Aug2011

Stunt Playground

This was my first real project using Ogre.  It’s a very open-ended vehicle stunt playground (hence the name).  You can drive around doing stunts (flips, long jumps,...

04th Aug2011

Shichinin No Himesama (七人の姫様) aka “Seven Princesses”

Yet another Game Creators contest entry, this one didn’t get properly finished before the deadline.  The idea was to make an on-rails shooter where the characters would...

04th Aug2011

Connect More

Another Game Creators competition entry, this was for a puzzle game competition.  Being a fan of physics, I came up with a match-3 style puzzle game, where...

28th Jul2011

Ragdoll Monkey Bowling

After discovering the “Newton Game Dynamics” physics library, I wrote a simple wrapper to integrate it into Dark Basic.  At the time Newton had a special joint...